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Roger Elgin
Roger was given a small broken radio as a child, that he took apart. When he put it back together again, by some miracle, it worked! This started his fascination with mechanics and electronics which he has developed into a successful business.
His first job in the industry was as a teen working for AT&M Firestone in Fort Pierce, FL. After 9 years at that job he moved to Rose's Auto Service where his interest in diagnosing vehicle issues was spiked.
He relocated to Okeechobee, FL in 1995 and went to work for Superior Muffler. He worked for Superior for 6 years, before relocating to Don's Muffler and Auto Care. He worked for Don's for 2 more years before venturing out on his own in in late 2002.
He started out working on vehicles on the side of the house. Eventually, opening the first shop in 2003. Roger has painstakingly built his reputation and Choice Automotive and Custom Exhaust into what it is today.

Hands On Owner and Operator &
ASE Certified Master Technician
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